Lobular Design Drive Nutsetters

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Lobular Design Drive Nutsetters Features:

  • Lobular design reduces stripping damage by driving the fastener on the sides instead of forcing the corners to turn
  • For use with sheet metal screws and other hexagonal head fasteners
  • Provides more clearance on the corners of the fastener where paint build-up can occur
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Item #DescriptionSizeSocket Body DiameterOverall LengthPack Qty
T3547121CMagnetic Nutsetter1/4"7/16"1-7/8"1
T3547321CMagnetic Nutsetter5/16"1/2"1-7/8"1
T3547521CMagnetic Nutsetter3/8"9/16"1-7/8"1
T3547721CMagnetic Nutsetter7/16"5/8"1-7/8"1
T3548121CMagnetic Nutsetter1/4"7/16"2-9/16"1
T3548321CMagnetic Nutsetter5/16"1/2"2-9/16"1
T3548521CMagnetic Nutsetter3/8"9/16"2-9/16"1
T3548721CMagnetic Nutsetter7/16"5/8"2-9/16"1
T94712SMagnetic Nutsetter1/4"7/16"1-7/8"1
T94732SMagnetic Nutsetter5/16"1/2"1-7/8"1
T94812SMagnetic Nutsetter1/4"7/16"2-9/16"1
T94832SMagnetic Nutsetter5/16"1/2"2-9/16"1
T94852SMagnetic Nutsetter3/8"9/16"2-9/16"1